Terms of use
There are no geographic limitations and no time limitations.
You may use our footage without putting restrictions on your film.
Footage provided by igelkottstore.com may only be used with express permission from Igelkott Studios AB. The user obtaining footage from Igelkott Studios AB accepts the terms put forth in the agreement between the user and Igelkott Studios AB. The terms of this agreement are as follows:

§ 1 Use
• When a customer purchases media from Igelkottstore.com the copyright remains with Igelkott Studios AB. The customer purchases a licence for use, i.e. the right to a limited use of the material in accordance with the terms and conditions stated here.
• By checking the box “I have read and agreed to Igelkott Store´s terms and conditions” when making the purchase, the customer accepts the terms and conditions as stated here.
• When the customer pays for the media (by credit card or invoice), and recieve an order confirmation, they thus recieve the right to use said media. It is permited to use the media before Igelkott Studios AB has recieved the payment, as long as the customer has recieved an order confirmation.
• The licence to use media purchased from Igelkottstore.com extends to all media, known and unknown, worldwide, in perpetuity.
• The licence to use the media extends to use within the scope of one project. One project might refer to: one film, one TV-programme, or similar, and includes different versions, cuts and edits of the same. Moreover, the right to use the material also includes the right to use clips of the film or programme in campaigns, banners, on social media etc, as long as it is within the same project. Teasers and trailers are also included in the same licence.
• If a customer would like to re-use media that they have bought from Igelkott Store in a new project, they are welcome to contact us on sales@igelkottstore.com.
• The licence grants the customer the right to cut and edit the media that they have purchased, as well as adding graphics, sound, animation, text etc, and the right to combine it with other media.
• If the purchased media is used in the opening sequence of a series the licence to use it extends to all programmes in one season.
• If the media is used within a series, it can be used multiple times in one season under these terms and conditions. If the customer wishes to use the material in later seasons they must purchase a renewed licence.

§ 2 Transferal of the right to use material
• The customer is not allowed to transfer the right to use the media to another person, organisation or business.

§ 3 Cancellation
• Media may not be cancelled after the purchase. Customer has no right to a price reduction. Please plan your purchase before you buy by downloading the sample and scouting the preview.

§ 4 Price
• The price for the licence to use material from Igelkottstore.com is stated on the order confirmation. The terms of the payment period is 10 days (net) for invoice and credit card payments.

§ 5 Penalty
• If the customer uses material without recieving an order confirmation, or without paying, or in any way that is not in accordance with Igelkott Studios AB terms and conditions, the customer will face a penalty the sum of 5 times the cost of the media used.

§ 6 Dispute
• Disputes arrising from these terms and conditions shall be resolved in Swedish courts, in accordance with Swedish law.

§ 7 Credit
• When possible Igelkott Studios shall be credited in opening and/or closing credits and the like, as follows:
o Firstly: Name of photographer / Igelkott Studios
o Secondly: Igelkottstore.com
o Thirdly: Name of photographer

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