Yes, they are HDR.

They are BT2100 HLG.

ProRes 422 HQ HLG.

10 bit.


Yes, if the
LED walls have a 30 bit PWM. Lower bit PWM may result in a noisy image.


Yes, the plates are shot in 360 degrees and you are free to view in all directions.

Position the center of the video at the height of the camera on set.

When you put the real car in front of the plate, our car will disappear.


When you purchased the plates, you received an email with links for download.

It depends on your internet connection. If you have 250 Mbit/s, 100 GB takes about 1 hour to download.

If you have trouble downloading on Apple Mac, first try to download using the Chrome web browser.
If that doesn’t work, try to download on PC.

Media may not be cancelled after the purchase. Customer has no right to a price reduction. Please plan your purchase before you buy by downloading the sample and scouting the preview.

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